From the perspective of cost control, Spring Airlines could reduce its labor costs by decreasing employee-to-aircraft ratio. They argue that if full-service carriers FSCs lowered their prices, flyers would opt for higher quality.

To demonstrate that students are an important and, potentially, thesis on low cost airlines key part of the market, the following statistics are useful. Update my browser now.

How can Chinese low-cost carriers become successful and profitable

These facts indicate that students prefer saving money to having good service whilst flying, with over half of the sample considering price to be the most important factor.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. In order to meet this aim, several objectives were established. Thesis on low cost airlines for discounts and special offers! This thesis is a discussion of improvements Chinese Low-cost Carriers Thesis on low cost airlines could make in order to become profitable and successful as their counterparts in Europe and the United States. Elements of the perceived quality are tangibles such as seating comfort, in-flight entertainment and appearance; reliability and punctuality; complaint management and trustworthiness or empathy.

[email protected]: How can Chinese low-cost carriers become successful and profitable

This also proves that the choice thesis on low cost airlines flying with an LCC is made because of financial constraints and users would probably prefer to use an FSC with better service, if they had the option. The Mintel study in notes that a significant number of clients are aged between 25 and 44 thesis on low cost airlines in the pre- or no family stage.


These results do not reflect preference or flying experience in general; they are a mere scan of the market in terms of which types of airlines have been used at least once.

The main difference between the low-cost airlines and scheduled airlines is that the former appeal to a broader market and develop a more varied clientele. We value your privacy. It was also noted that students averaged 3. Purchase paper copies of MIT theses. The newly established six have followed many practices adopted by Spring Airlines, which is seen as a role model thesis on low cost airlines the Chinese LCC market. It is interesting to note that they give more reasons to be dissatisfied with LCCs, yet they fly with them more often.

Our services are to be used for research and reference purposes only. As the Guidance is implemented by Chinese authorities in next few thesis on low cost airlines, many costs that were previously uncontrolled, such as aircraft ownership, crew and airport fees, could be further cut. This aspect would require further in-depth analysis, as it appears that, actually, there is no major impediment to accessing FSCs. We use cookies which you can view and control.

Students’ perceptions of low-cost airlines

Sloan School of Management. Airliens, students make an informed choice, because, as previously established, those used in the sample are aware of what is available in the market. Thesis on low cost airlines, again, explains their preference in the first place.

This shows that price is not the only factor that motivates students to fly with certain airlines and that it would be reasonable to look beyond the thesis on low cost airlines and analyse their perceptions of quality.


Your browser is out-of-date! However, there is the risk of frivolous responses if the researcher is not present while the surveys are being completed.

This proves that price is not the only determinant of choice. However, LCC users have conflicting views and behaviour patterns because of their financial restrictions or, perhaps, because of different perceptions of the value of money.

Therefore, LCCs should focus on improving their services to reach or exceed expectations. The following results support this statement, where most students from both samples would not agree to flying with a LCC if money were not an issue. This implies that low price is a more important factor than the perception of quality for the LCC clients, because they still prefer it in spite thesis on low cost airlines their negative opinions towards the airlines. The study revealed that there is a balance between both LCCs and FSCs and proves that most students thesis on low cost airlines able to compare the two experiences.

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