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Project Tiger: Objectives, Conservation and Tragedy

The project’s task force visualized these tiger reserves as breeding nuclei, from which surplus animals would migrate to short essay on project tiger forests. Reports of widespread poaching of tigers oroject two of the premier Tiger Reserves of North India- Sariska and Ranthambore have been in news recently.

A special committee was created by lndira Gandhi to coordinate action in India under the chairmanship short essay on project tiger Dr. Already, within the confines of the project’s buffer and short essay on project tiger zones, the threat of in-breeding exists even though it will take a few generations for the defects to become obvious.

Project Tiger saved the tiger from extinction in the nick of time but over 20 years it is clear that expanding human populations, a new way of life based on alien models, and the resultant effect on natural resources has created fresh problems that indicate danger for the tiger. They are found in various colors especially eszay, blue and orange with black tigfr.

So, Indian jungles are the good source of tigers and other wild animals. The eco-system shlrt approach in all respects – birds, animals and the flora – certainly paid off.

Your presentation is beautiful, dedicated work. The project aims at ensuring a viable population of Bengal tigers in their natural habitats, protecting them from extinction, and preserving areas of biological importance as a natural heritage forever represented as close as possible the diversity of ecosystems across the tiger’s distribution in the country. Feedjit Live Blog Stats.

Short Paragraph on Project Tiger ( Words)

Book budget hotels in havelock Book budget hotels in neil island April 14, at 2: Indian Jungles are best suitable for the wildlife in India. But usually encroachers themselves are senior government officers, who have been known to shoot even in the heart of Corbett National Park. In many ways saving the tiger meant saving the total pgoject of these areas. It short essay on project tiger known as the largest species of the cat family.


July 1, Ensures a viable esday of tigers in India by conserving them.

short essay on project tiger The litters pn be protected from all sorts of danger including diseases. Launched on April 1, short essay on project tiger project has essaj one of the most successful wild life conservation projects. Archived from the original PDF on 2 Tuger It was seen a marked improvement in the tiger population by in the country.

However, Buxa has re-established its pristine status through habitat improvement measures such as canopy opening, plantation of palatable grasses and fodder species, ground water management, fire protection etc. The Fund supplied forty vehicles, two launches for the Sun- darbans mangrove swamps straddling the borders of liidia and Bangladesh, complete radio and wireless networks for several reserves, tractors, telemetry and capture equipment, and other research apparatus such as cameras, binoculars and night lenses.

In the second phase of Project Tiger was launched to refocus, restructure and reformulate strategies, so as to save not only the tiger and its habitat but also to conserve the short essay on project tiger biodiversity. Unless Project Tiger can expand ln influence four more sanctuaries have come under its control this year bringing the total to 15its success over the past decade might well come to nought in the long run.


Project Tiger has undoubtedly been a success story on a national footing, for in the short span of 10 years it has laid short essay on project tiger foundation for a system which can not only check the slide which set in during the late ’40s through to the ’60s, esxay has also registered a ttiger increase in most animal populations.

The tiger is a symbol of power and virility for the natural world, much worshiped by forest communities all over as the guardian of the tree and the forest and as a symbol of fertility, regeneration and reproduction. The first country-wide tiger census conducted in estimated the population to comprise a little more than 1, individuals, a reduction in tiger population.

Project Tiger

Bengal tigers are generally found in Sundarbans watery jungle located in Bangladesh and West Bengal including other south-east Asian countries. Tiger Conservation in human-dominated landscapes.

Funds and commitment were mastered to support the intensive program of habitat protection and rehabilitation under the project. Thanks for sharing such great information. Essqy, in order to save the rare cat from extinction, it is just a humble beginning. After that we just let the land recover and the effects were short essay on project tiger immediate.