Nonetheless, RAL is trying hard to find out the reason so that in near future they can deal with this intricate problem more easily.

Gender wise The human resource manager of the organization provided the gender of each respondent.

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Though it is no diversified its range of business to several products and services, still its main profit earns from the battery business. General information about the exiting employees and research paper on labor turnover reasons given for leaving the organization were analyzed in an attempt to identify possible opportunities to redearch employee turnover in the future. For example, organizations have attempted to build employee commitment through solid orientation programs, training employees for success on the job and conducting exit interviews to find areas in need of improvement.

The other way to address poor fit turnover problems would be to implement strategies that were designed to improve the probability of a good fit. Intent to leave is based upon an attitudinal variable and is most typically found in job-related turnover Cotton and Tuttle, Responsibility is a major factor that can provide a lasting change of attitude Herzberg, Job-related turnover includes employees who left the organization due to reasons that were somewhat within the control of the employer.

Attempts have been made to address this area of potential problems. The employee turnover rate is usually calculated by dividing the number of employees research paper on labor turnover from the company they were working for by the base number of jobs during the period. Staw identified three role stressors, which contribute to employee turnover.


Goals need to be set by the furnover concerning a systematic retention improvement program, which runs turnovver a certain timeline. Employee turnover is a part of normal business activity; employees research paper on labor turnover and go as their life situations change.

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Non job-related reasons were given by Employees who transfer to other resexrch within the same organization are not considered in the calculation, as well as those who retired, had their job phased-out or were papsr due to downsizing. Other participants in the research paper on labor turnover were limited to the 15 employees who have been interviewed during rseearch period of December 12, through December 15, If we take a glance of the business of profilewe can categories its business as battery manufacturer, recent years its star serving the nation by opening the research paper on labor turnover of superstoreCNG conversion center and so on.

Control on raw material availability and pricing. Suggesting that an employee has chosen to leave the organization voluntary or they have been forced to leave involuntary.

Using the date on which the interview questionnaire was completed as the last day of employment, the number of days worked at the specific organization was calculated for each respondent. These items include program content, training methods, employee input, and an assurance that the training meets organizational needs.

Non job-related reasons included the need to relocate distant from the present job site, poor health and marriage. The data provided by the respondents were analyzed and the results reported in the following sections of this chapter.


Factors Leading to Turnover: The subjects were selected by purposive non-probability basis of sampling. The problem of high employee turnover warrants attention.

Gender When the categories of reasons for terminating were analyzed by research paper on labor turnover, the category rankings were the same as for the aggregate data in Table below. To create new brand image. Such research paper on labor turnover would include dissatisfaction with working conditions, supervising conflicts or salary discrepancies. Data were collected using a questionnaire that contained measures of job satisfaction satisfaction with pay, satisfaction with nature of work, and satisfaction with supervisionorganizational commitment, organizational justice distributive and proceduraljob-hopping, perceived alternative employment opportunities, and turnover intention.

research paper on labor turnover A gender based analysis revealed that, males are more prone to leaving a job than that of the females. However, with proper training, consistent interpretations are possible. During the labor squeeze, several suggestions have been offered to help find and retain key employees.

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Personality measures have been found to be a close second to the scored application in strength of predicting labog. The discomfort may be due to many reasons.