It is the guided adjustment of the employees to the organization and their work environment. Sub sequent interviews with the concerned officials have been used xelection collecting information. Other objectives are to recruitment and selection process literature review the original procedure regarding selection and recruitment of the selected organization and to understand the current practice of selection and recruitment procedure of the selected organization.

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Candidates Short-listed by the Recruitment Committee will profess called for written or verbal interviews or for the both. All Area office has adequate numbers of Motor cycle and Bi- cycle for field monitoring. Orientation is defined as the act of introducing a new employee to a job recruitment and selection process literature review the organization.

Regarding the selection written or viva exam was not always taken for all recruitments.

Human Resource planning is the process by which an organization ensures that it has right number and kind of people at right place, at right time capable of effectively and efficiently competing those tasks that will aid the organization in achieving its overall objectives.

Recruitment is the process of generating a pool of candidates for a particular job. The selected candidate s will be offered employment recruitment and selection process literature review RIC with all-necessary terms and conditions. Data from KII were analyzed very systematically.

The policies truly belong to the organization as well as to the employee.

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These should be kept under direct control of the HRD section. Executive Committee is responsible for day-to-day policymaking and its implementation. To know the current procedure of selection and recruitment, we observed few procedures during our data collection using a checklist. All the pages of personal file must be marked with page number, which will start from the first document. Sometimes it happened only by the verbal communication. The primary purpose of any recruitment process is to find the most competent recruitment and selection process literature review and choose those individuals who are best qualified for employment and to place them in jobs for which their talents, skills, training and experience are best suited.


For this paper, we have collected data in different ways; key informant interview KIIdocument the sekection data and observation of few procedures were mainly involved. Recruitment is the process of finding and selecting capable applicants for employment. RIC is organizing village development Committee in every working village of Moheshkhali under Cox,s Bazer district and this committee is playing the key role for project playing.

In case of Director Recruitment and selection process literature review the EC may waive or impose probation. At present there are staff Female and Male among them are permanent staff and rest are different project based staff.

anr These data helped us to identify recruitment and selection process literature review gaps and how can we resolve those gaps to run the organization smoothly.

After this discussion we can say that, human resource recruitment is a process for searching qualified people for the new and vacant posts in an organization and to influence them to apply for the job. Besides there are some consultant and advisor are also associate with the organization to provide technical support on specific issues. An Organization will want to staffing, than assuming, that demand for certain skill, knowledge and abilities is greater than the current supply is recruiting.


Recruitment and Selection procedure is one of the major parts of the HRM. recruitment and selection process literature review

It aims to attracted qualified candidates. On the other hand, for relatively higher position criteria in terms of experience was not followed recruitment and selection process literature review the times by the organization.

All re-designation in senior positions of RIC are subject to prior approval of the Director. RIC is organizing a common body in every ward consisting service geview and consumer to ensure citizen rights.

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From the broader areas of HR policies I like to work with staff recruitment. In consultation with the director, the HRD will arrange and coordinate the orientation program depending on the level of the employee like head of a department, field or support staff and type of job to be performed by the employee like program, finance, technical, administrative or consultant.

This process begins when recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. It is important to know that perfect human resource came out from this applicant.