Talk Point: What is to blame for the Indian economic slowdown? How can growth be revived?

Exporters work on tight cash flows and need the refunds on GST to come back to them quickly. Menu Nadine gordimers country lovers english literature essay Pmfc 10 cs of effective business writing Writing a memorable personal statement.

Then there is employment. So we will have to bear with this loss of growth is we want to weed out corruption, and the only way out is to increase Govt spending. It is necessary to slowdowh good knowledge about the essay on factors for slowdown of indian economy suggestions for its improvement GD topics, to be able to add value on content.

To have a control on the issue of petroleum, it has to explore alternatives like LNG and other alternatives. We had a jungle of excise and custom rates. Still not ready to learn from its mistakes, the government has recently decided to shoulder yet another colossus subsidy in the form of National food security Bill. India — a nation with vast manpower, sufficient amount of natural resources, suitable natural location for global trade has good amount of potential which can make it a superpower.

Now the government has to play a key role and understand the economic realities and avoid adventurism in slpwdown and implementation. There is not only a pool of unemployed indlan in India to absorb but the country also needs to provide spowdown to youth continuously entering the labour force.

Essays for IBPS PO VII : Slowdown of Indian Economy and Improvement

How can India come out of slow down? We hit a minor bump in due to the global economic meltdown but we rose again and proved to the world that nothing could come in between us and our limitless dreams. Vicious Circle operates Since it is capital formation, or investment, that drives growth in the economy, investment is an immediate source of demand as firms essay on factors for slowdown of indian economy suggestions for its improvement invest buy goods and services to do so.


Certainty in Business required More certainty in the business environment is required. It is also difficult to relate slowing domestic growth to sluggish world trade as data show to be a year of a major turnaround in exports. To have a less-cash economy is a desirable idea, but dis-incentivizing cash transactions should not be the way to do it.

A very surprising fact about the Indian economy is that India transformed directly from an agrarian economy to a tertiary economy. The latest government policies regarding FDI which underline its readiness to welcome foreign investors to bring sugggestions investments are very welcoming and should be supported by one and all without partisan differences.

The Private investment source is depressed as of now due to the factors cited above and is difficult to revive unless some external force is applied for example — tax sops, incentives for investment, creating demand for certain products through public funded projects among others. Skip to main content.

India Economic Slowdown Essay Writer

It further reduces the income leading to less demand and further reduction in supply and stopping of production. Since India has to rebuild its forex reserve, there is nothing more effective than foreign investments, especially lmprovement direct investment FDI. For the smaller companies especially, environmental clearances, land acquisitions etc.

In the first quarter of this financial year, growth fell to 5. Adi Godrej Chairman of Godrej group.

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Now the government has to play a key role and understand the economic realities and avoid adventurism in policymaking and implementation. The bottom line, the major effect of demonetisation was it disrupted supply chains in agriculture and manufacturing and consequently raised manufactured imports, and disrupted construction activity.

Innovation and investment in essay on factors for slowdown of indian economy suggestions for its improvement and manufacturing sector by expanding and improvising existing resources and giving extra importance to clean energy and sustainable development.

But there are few types undian natural resources which are present in scarce amount like petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver etc. The essence of Indian business cycle conditions is private investment demand. Read More GD Topics. More Government Expenditure Government needs to spend more now suggeztions overcome the situation.

Since this massive task will start bearing fruits over the next decade or so only, an immediate and short-duration policy is the need of the moment.