How Much Does a Business Plan Cost?

Our quality assurance analysts are responsible for improving, logically validating and visually checking business plans one last time before businesd are passed on into the hands of our clients. I invested months in writing my business plan, and when it was complete, I felt ready to start running my million-dollar business.

For small to medium businesses, it’s possible to write your own business plan for free. We will provide our difficulty estimation according to our price table and send you our offer alongside our terms and conditions.

As I average cost of a professional business plan back on the experience, the business plan I had spent months on was useless. Especially when talking about the founder or indeed relating to any person or entity by name, be sure to keep it neutral, professional and friendly.

What is the Cost of a Professionally Written Business Plan?

Business Plan Consulting Services Thumbtack: Thinking of writing your business plan yourself? Our focus on efficiency allows us to minimize business plan consulting fees.

Average cost of a professional business plan while I’d definitely like you to pay close attention to the instructions which I myself as BrainHives’s founder outlined for you in this manual, I also want you to have fun working for us and not worry so much about perfectionism at first. At BrainHive, we pride ourselves so much with being faster than our competitors when it comes to delivering stellar business plans, that we have decided to make delivery time part of our set of the six BrainHive Business Plan Guarantees.

This can be a good option for entrepreneurs who can articulate their business idea clearly but may need help putting together realistic financial projections.


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I think too many of us averagf the mistake—often encouraged by well-meaning bankers and advisers—of writing a business plan before you start. The Audit Tender Process. You will receive the complete drafts of the written part and the financial plan as a copy-protected PDF.

You learn a lot and you get to jump headfirst into ever-changing, current and sometimes more, sometimes somewhat lesser so exciting topics.

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Although professionals debate the value of one method over another, choosing between a traditional plan or a newer “lean” plan, called a business canvas, will also be a determining factor in your costs. I calculated the cost of mass producing 10, cassettes this was long before iPods and the cost of mailing the cassettes to my 10, subscribers each month.

Patrick Riehl Real Estate Coxt. At BrainHive, we like going above and beyond offering THE most client-friendly business plan writing service available to founders worldwide. They may also include programming that calculates sales and growth projections, based on your actual figures, and they automatically create charts and graphs to include in the plan.

I launched my own business in July and now apply my valuable business and marketing knowledge to writing and editing business plans for start-up businesses. She has done public relations work for several nonprofit organizations and currently creates content for clients of her suburban Philadelphia communications and IT solutions company.

Usually 3 to 6 pages will be added through average cost of a professional business plan page, table of contents page, overview page and a varying number of visual elements in the forms of charts, diagrams, product illustrations, screenshots, 3D model animations etc. McKay has experience in entrepreneurship, corporate training, human resources, technology and the music business. This allows us to work more fluidly, having for every project one or more pacemaker business plans from which we can draw inspiration and each time write a plan that is a little bit better than the one before.


Do not use the visual element simply for the sake of having a visual element there. Not reinventing the wheel over and over means efficiency, through which we remain accessible and able to deliver world-class plans even to entrepreneurs who are not able to shell out thousands of dollars for their business plan before even knowing whether or not they average cost of a professional business plan be able to successfully secure funding.

We save costs by: For complex business plans such as large market launches, or technical startupsit is advisable that you send us additional information e.

Approaches to Writing a Business Plan liveplan. Frequently Asked Questions You have a question about: When things get tough, you can help yourself to a large number bysiness websites which will usually carry exactly the kind of market data that you are looking for.

Publications BrainHive- Professional business plan writing since There are also business plan writing average cost of a professional business plan available from vendors who charge a monthly fee.